Experts in the use and development of drones

Airmedia 360 is an expert company in the use of drones for aerial audiovisual productions. We provide services and design unmanned aerial vehicles. We are based in the Canary Islands, Madrid and the United States, which allows us to work and collaborate in very important productions such as; series, advertising or films of international relevance, thanks to our outstanding approach and set of skills.

Airmedia 360 is an expert in the deployment of drones in commercial and natural environments. We have worked in some of the most important productions in the world and there is a reason for that: We have the best team of professionals in the sector.

The teams always include the drone pilot, an independent camera operator and even a technical assistant, which guarantees the highest efficiency in the work and the highest artistic quality.

What sets Airmedia360 apart is that we research, develop, design, manufacture, test and fly our own drones. This translates into the peace of mind of working with a company that knows its product, plus we have an impeccable safety record. All this combined with our knowledge in pre, post and production, and our unique design methods, makes Airmedia 360 the safest choice for any type of shoot.

Fran Salazar


Computer scientist by profession and passionate about radio control. After a brilliant career as a 3D helicopter pilot, being even runner-up in Spain twice, he decides to embark on a new visionary project. Founder of one of the first companies specialized in aerial recordings in Spain. After more than ten years of trajectory, Airmedia 360 is consolidated as one of the reference companies in the sector.

We have the best team of professionals in the sector

Roberto Macías


Francisco Marrero


Nerio Finol

R&D / Pilot

Miguel Pérez

Producer USA

Adrián Azcárate

Mechanic / Camera

Moisés Pérez


David Molero

Executive Coordinator

Sahel López


Cristofer Carayol

FPV Pilot